Terms of Service

Working hours,
Lynxus Studio and the Wolfir Pride normally draws between 8am and 4pm GMT+1/GMT+2 from Monday to Friday, which is the time customer commissions might take place. After 4pm and/or Saturday/Sunday, customer pieces might not be worked on. During evenings and weekends, time is spent on personal educational or practicing projects, or other important matters of real life. If you need your piece drawn outside working times, check the button further down in the ordering form.

Lynxus Studio has very few limits as to what we draw, consult the hints, tips and help section of the form below for information regarding our relevant limits. Please do not attempt to bargain to have these limits drawn.

Soon to come.. Any frauds abusing the paypal withdrawal system to get free art will be reported to the police and legal authorities. This is our job, this is how we overcome our everyday expenses and bills. Play fair. Should there be some details on your commission that you don't like, tell us, we might be able to fix it.

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